• Balanced Clutch

    The sensitivity of the 6 cylinder engine to balance means that it is absolutely essential to fit a fully balanced clutch unit when replacement is required. Using all new components, the cover, flywheel and ring gear are precision balanced as a complete assembly, the only way to ensure smooth and trouble free operation.

  • Front Grille

    Produced by an ex Newport Pagnell craftsman, these high quality signature parts are the focal point of the timeless styling of the DBS and DBSV8 models. Each hand formed section is carefully fabricated into the original assembly fixture to form this intricate piece of automotive design. Each grille takes over 60 hours to assemble and polish. Available to special order only.

  • Radiator Hose

    With originality key to the value of any Heritage Aston Martin, the top hoses for the DBS and DBSV8. Produced using original drawings and modern materials that faithfully replicate the original cloth covered rubber, these hoses offer greater durability.

  • Brake Master Cylinder Kit

    A high specification unit to replace the original, obsolete Girling brake master cylinder. This kit includes a new master cylinder together with all the necessary banjos, unions and fittings to suit a RHD or LHD car.


We aim to keep in stock at all times copies of Handbooks, Workshop Manuals and Parts Catalogues.

These are faithfully reproduced from originals in our archive together with the added benefit of our ongoing work to re-master the original photography where possible.


The following publications are available to order as a hard copy from your Heritage Specialist:

  • DBS HANDBOOK - 069-040-0131
  • DBS PARTS BOOK - 069-043-0105
  • DBS WORKSHOP MANUAL - 069-043-0130

Further Information

For further information or to order any of the listed parts, please contact your Heritage Specialist directly.