Featured Parts

  • Grille

    The largest grille to be fitted to a DB7 model, this item was exclusive to the DB7 Zagato and DBAR1 (designed also by Zagato.) The grille design incorporates the front licence plate mounting points and has a dark silver, textured finish.

  • Rear Lamp

    Both the DB7 Zagato and DBAR1 feature a round rear lamp unit on either side, unique to these models. The lamp incorporates side, stop and indicator/turn signal segments and is supplied complete with bulb holder.

  • Badge

    This simple ‘Z’ badge can be found on the lower flanks of the front wings on both the DB7 Zagato and the DBAR1. The distinctive Zagato ‘Z’ is made from a brass casting, fettled prior to chrome plating.

  • Boot Lid

    The drop down boot lid of the DB7 Zagato is one of its many unusual styling features and it remains unique to this model. Made from two pressed steel panels, assembled by hand and incorporating the high level brake light aperture.


We aim to keep in stock at all times copies of Handbooks, Workshop Manuals and Parts Catalogues.

These are faithfully reproduced from originals in our archive together with the added benefit of our ongoing work to re-master the original photography where possible.


The following publications are available to order as a hard copy from your Heritage Specialist:

  • DB7 Zagato HANDBOOK - 40-140025-AA
  • DB AR1 HANDBOOK - 40-150064-AA

Further Information

For further information or to order any of the listed parts, please contact your Heritage Specialist directly.