Featured Parts

  • Wood Veneer Door Insert

    Wood Veneer Panels can be ordered separately or in complete sets. These Door Insert Panels are an inexpensive way to refresh your interior as they are easily scratched when entering or exiting the car. Beautiful walnut veneers, hand-finished with a deep lacquer polished to perfection.

  • Tail Pipe Trim

    Stainless steel hand formed to Aston Martin quality standards. An integral part of the exhaust system designed to achieve the original exhaust note.

  • Instrument Pack

    A variety of Instrument Packs were fitted to the DB7 model range, including different markings for overseas markets and special versions produced to the limited edition models such as the Dunhill. We stock both new and reconditioned units – please consult your Heritage Specialist for more details.

  • Headlamp Assembly

    A prominent styling feature for all DB7 models the headlamps were made in the UK to a unique specification. A clear outer lens covers the actual lamp units and the sealed assembly has a filter system to allow it to breath, thus clearing condensation during damp weather.


We aim to keep in stock at all times copies of Handbooks, Workshop Manuals and Parts Catalogues.

These are faithfully reproduced from originals in our archive together with the added benefit of our ongoing work to re-master the original photography where possible.


The following publications are available to order as a hard copy from your Heritage Specialist:

  • DB7 (I6) HANDBOOK - 40-81154

Further Information

For further information or to order any of the listed parts, please contact your Heritage Specialist directly.