Featured Parts

  • Exhaust Manifold Gasket

    We have re-engineered the 6 cylinder exhaust manifold gasket which is now made from modern high specification materials and includes “flame rings” for improved sealing and greater durability.

  • Exhaust Manifold
    020-008-0111 & 020-008-0112

    Produced from brand new tooling and cast from modern materials these Exhaust Manifolds are suitable for all 6 cylinder DB models from DB4 to DBS. Working from original drawings we have incorporated reinforced flanges to make these new manifolds more durable.

  • Shock Absorber Link

    Re-engineered in 2011 from our original engineering drawings, using new tooling and a new supplier, this superior quality part has been re-designed incorporating improvements which will ensure many years of faultless service.

  • Clock

    Clock produced from original tooling for the casing, dial and bezel but using up to date electronics internally for reliability and performance.


We aim to keep in stock at all times copies of Handbooks, Workshop Manuals and Parts Catalogues.

These are faithfully reproduced from originals in our archive together with the added benefit of our ongoing work to re-master the original photography where possible.


The following publications are available to order as a hard copy from your Heritage Specialist:

  • DB4 AND DB4GT HANDBOOK - 020-040-0131
  • DB4 PARTS BOOK - 020-043-0105
  • DB4 WORKSHOP MANUAL - 020-043-0130

Further Information

For further information or to order any of the listed parts, please contact your Heritage Specialist directly.