The Ultimate Grand Tourer

AM29 V12 Engine


The advanced AM29 V12 engine is the most powerful Aston Martin GT production engine ever created. Peak power of 568 bhp. Peak torque of 630 Nm. A top speed of 201 mph. Blistering 0-60 mph of just 3.6seconds. Not only did we deliver stunning performance we also did the impossible – AM29 delivers improved fuel efficiency of 22.1mpg (combined economy).

Vanquish sees AM29 tuned to its most potent specification - it’s the ultimate heart for our ultimate Grand Tourer.

  • 568Power
  • 201Top Speed
  • 3.6Seconds
    0 to 60 MPH


Unique Engine


Impressive figures are backed by an advanced development story. Produced at our bespoke engine facility in Cologne, our engineers worked tirelessly to create an engine which mated seamlessly to the character and performance our development team requested. The process delivered clear technical advances. The debut of dual variable valve timing. Enlarged throttle bodies. Fully machined combustion chambers and a ‘big wing’ intake manifold.


Controlled Power,
Managed Strength


Vanquish sees the introduction of the latest Bosch Engine Management system. Seamlessly communicating between the AM29 engine and Touchtronic III eight-speed transmission this powerful technology brings precise engine control and accurate fuel use monitoring.

Two units each control six engine cylinders for maximum data output and intelligence as Vanquish delivers breakthrough technology to optimise power and performance.

Full Specification



• Two-door Coupe/Volante body style with 2+0 seating 2+2 seating
• Extruded aluminium and Carbon Fibre bonded VH body structure
• Carbon Fibre body panels
• Lightweight multi-layer Volante fabric roof
• Cast-magnesium door structures
• Single bi-xenon headlamps with integrated LED side lights and direction indicators
• LED light blade tail-lamps
• Exposed Carbon Fibre splitter, diffuser and sill blade


• Rear mid-mounted ‘Touchtronic III’ eight-speed automatic gearbox with electronic shift-by-wire control system
• Alloy torque tube with Carbon Fibre propeller shaft
• Limited-slip differential
• Final drive ratio 2.73:1
• Launch control

Fuel Consumption

Litres/100 km (mpg)

• Urban 19.3 (14.6)
• Extra urban 9.1 (31.0)
• Combined 12.8 (22.1)

North American Gas Mileage

• City 13 US mpg
• Highway 21 US mpg
• Combined 16 US mpg

CO2 Emmissions

• 298 g/km


• Front ventilated CCM brake discs 398 mm diameter with six-piston calipers
• Rear ventilated CCM brake discs 360 mm diameter with four-piston calipers
• 3-stage Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)
• Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
• Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD)
• Emergency Brake Assist (EBA)
• Traction Control (TC)
• Hydraulic Brake Assist (HBA)
• Positive Torque Control (PTC)

Wheels & Tyres

• 20” 10-spoke silver painted alloy wheels
• Front Pirelli P-Zero 255/35 ZR20
• Rear Pirelli P-Zero 305/30 ZR20

Standard Equipment

• Enhanced-grain leather interior
• Alcantara® headlining on coupe and Rökona and Alcantara® headlining on Volante
• Electrically operated front seats with side airbags
• Memory front seats and exterior mirrors (three memory positions)
• Coupe 2+0 seating configuration with flexible rear environment storage, Volante 2+2 seating configuration
• Satin chrome jewellery pack
• Powerfold exterior heated mirrors
• Front and rear parking sensors
• Cruise control
• Tyre pressure monitoring
• Alarm and immobiliser
• Remote control central door locking and boot release
• Automatic temperature control
• Heated front seats
• Curtain side head airbags
• Dual stage driver and passenger front airbags
• Pelvis and thorax seat mounted airbags
• Seat belt dual pre-tensioners and digressive load limiters
• Trip computer
• Aston Martin Tracking by Cobra (UK only) 1,3,5
• Laminated windscreen with clear noise-insulation layer
• Glass ECU
• Titanium bonnet and side strake meshes
• Bright aluminium front grille
• Chrome side strakes and tailpipe trim
• Heated rear screen
• Iridium gearshift paddles with colour-keyed leather trim
• Rear parking assist camera


• All alloy quad overhead cam 48-valve 5935 cc V12
• Front mid-mounted engine, rear-wheel drive
• Fully catalysed stainless steel exhaust system with cross pipes
• Compression ratio 11:1
• Dual variable camshaft timing
• Knock-sensing
• Fully CNC machined combustion chambers
• Maximum power 424 kW (568 bhp / 576 PS) at 6650 rpm
• Maximum torque 630 Nm (465 lb ft) at 5500 rpm
• Coupe Acceleration 0-60 mph in 3.6 sec; 0-100 km/h in 3.8 sec
• Coupe maximum speed 201 mph (324 km/h)


• Front independent double wishbone, coil springs, anti-roll bar and adaptive dampers
• Rear independent double wishbones, coil springs, anti-roll bar and adaptive dampers
• 3-stage Adaptive Damping System (ADS) with Normal, Sport and Track modes

Weights and Dimensions

• Length 4692 mm (184.7”) 4728 mm (186”) (including number plate plinth)
• Width 1912 mm (75.2”) (excluding door mirrors)
• 2067 mm (81.3”) (including door mirrors)
• Height 1294 mm (50.9”)
• Wheelbase 2740 mm (107.9”)
• Fuel tank capacity 78 litres (17.2 Imp. Gal. /20.5 US Gal)
• Coupe Weight: 1739 kg (3834 lb)
• Weight Distribution 51%/49% (Front/Rear)


• Steering rack with 15:1 steering ratio
• Speed-dependent rack and pinion power-assisted steering
• 2.6 turns lock-to-lock
• Column tilt and reach adjustment

In-Car Entertainment

• 1000-watt Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 13-speaker audio system
• Infotainment system (AMi III) with capacitive switching
• Hard Disk Drive (HDD) satellite navigation 1,2
• 6.5” LCD Screen
• DAB radio 1
• AM/FM radio 1
• USB connector with Waveform Audio Format (WAF), Windows Media Player (WMA) and MPEG (MP3) audio file compatibility
• A2DP Bluetooth® audio

Optional Equipment

• Alternative brake caliper finish – Black, blue, yellow, grey and red brake calipers
• 20-spoke forged alloy wheels – Graphite painted with diamond-turned finish
• Gloss Black painted with diamond-turned finish
• 10-spoke forged alloy wheels – Silver painted with diamond-turned finish
• Gloss Black painted with diamond-turned finish
• Black vaned grille
• Magnum Silver or Black Mesh finish
• Black textured tailpipe
• Exposed Carbon Fibre roof panel 6
• Exposed Carbon Fibre door mirror caps
• Exposed Carbon Fibre side strakes
• Exposed Carbon Fibre door handles
• Protective film
• Black Caithness leather part Alcantara® steering wheel 6
• Colour-keyed leather steering wheel
• Black One-77 leather steering wheel with black Alcantara® inserts 6
• Colour-keyed One-77 Leather Steering wheel with Obsidian Black leather inserts
• Centre stack facia in Carbon Fibre 2x2 Twill, Satin Cuprum Copper Carbon, Herringbone Carbon Fibre, Piano Black, Piano Red and Piano Ice Mocha
• Headrest embroidery – Aston Martin Wings or Vanquish logo
• Black hardware pack
• Full Carbon Fibre gearshift paddles
• Black gearshift paddles
• Shadow Bronze jewellery pack
• Personalised sill plaques
• Auto-dimming mirror with garage door opener
• Heated and ventilated seats
• Perforated leather door inserts
• Smokers’ pack
• Second glass ECU
• Aston Martin tracking by Vodafone Automotive 1,3,5
• Alarm upgrade (Volumetric and tilt sensors)
• Toolkit
• 6-CD auto-changer
• First-aid kit
• AML Touring Pack


Touchtronic III - Our Most Advanced Transmission

Vanquish now includes the most advanced gearbox ever fitted to an Aston Martin. Our engineers worked meticulously with technical partner ZF to deliver the world’s first transaxle eight-speed transmission – Aston Martin Touchtronic III.

Light, efficient, flexible and highly intuitive this cutting-edge transmission means Vanquish sets a stunning new benchmark in driver involvement and control.

New Heights of

Touchtronic III delivers exceptional driver control and phenomenal driver performance. All new features enhance a breathtaking Vanquish driving experience:

Delivery: Eight gears offering a broad spread of performance.
Speed: Ultrafast gearshifts of just 130 milliseconds.
Agility: Four distinct driving modes – increasing in aggression and shift speed.
Acceleration: Faster acceleration from first to second gear and enhanced shift quality.
Intelligence: Adaptive Drive Recognition tailors shifts to the driver’s style.
Control: Optimum downshift technology so the driver can engage multi-downshifts.

Enhanced Torque Conversion

A new lightweight torque converter uses twin dampers and generates a lower level of inertia meaning an improved throttle response for the driver. Touchtronic III can also fully close to a 1:1 slip ratio for a more direct and responsive driving experience. Driveline efficiency is increased from reduced transmission loss and enables more performance to be transferred directly to the driven wheels.

Cutting-Edge Shift Technology

Touchtronic III’s eight gears are derived from two brakes, three multi-plate wet clutches and four gear sets – each comprising four planetary gears. A minimum of three clutches are always engaged ensuring less drag torque, improving efficiency with less redundant inertia.

Each of the eight gear ratios is achieved using different combinations of open brakes and clutches all designed specifically by our engineers to maximise performance and acceleration.

Unprecedented Transmission Control

Working seamlessly with the new Bosch engine management system the Transmission Control Unit contains powerful electronics which control the hydraulic oil flow around Touchtronic III - opening and closing clutches and brakes. This breakthrough technology allows the gearbox to shift in just 130 milliseconds by re-engaging clutches almost instantaneously after shifting.

The TCU also calculates the ideal gearshift ‘map’ from data monitored thousands of times a second from across the car including road conditions, car positioning, speed, g-force and even driving style.

Launch Touchtronic III Web Special



All-New Torque Tube


Lighter but more effective – our engineers worked to produce an all-new torque tube to transfer power from the AM29 engine to the Touchtronic III gearbox.

A unique new outer case design produced a 2kg weight saving whilst reducing driveline noise and vibration felt by passengers.


Powerful Technology & Outright Power


Drive energy produced by the AM29 engine is multiplied by the new Touchtronic III gearbox – but you’ll only feel it when it hits the road. We wanted a higher top speed and faster acceleration, we achieved both with a final drive ratio of 2.73:1.

This longer ratio is perfectly matched to the wider spread of ratios produced by the eight-speed gearbox, the result – more power and more usable power.

A Revolutionary Core...

Our world-renowned VH architecture was specifically evolved for Vanquish – with three-quarters of all components new to Aston Martin. This Gen4 technology delivers outstanding strength and a 25% increase in stiffness over DBS. But that’s not all, we increased strength and rigidity but reduced weight. Scarcely believable, but Vanquish is lighter than DBS.

A Lightweight

The bonded aluminium VH architecture includes carbon fibre components. More impressively, every body panel is manufactured from aerospace standard carbon fibre. The perfect material for structure, carbon fibre is also perfect for form. Unbroken exterior surfaces were created, essential to the beauty and proportion of Vanquish.

Perfectly Poised

Hollow aluminium produces a front chassis 13% lighter than DBS. An all-new engine bay lowers engine position by 19mm. Use of carbon fibre positions 85% of weight within the wheelbase. Three exceptional numbers. Here’s another two – 51:49. Vanquish achieves a perfect weight distribution.

Dynamic Stability

Specifically designed to work in harmony with Touchtronic III, the 2016 Vanquish includes cutting-edge Dynamic Stability Control technology. Either in ‘Normal’ or ‘Track’ mode this advanced system detects irregular wheel spin, under steer and over steer and will intervene by reducing engine torque or applying braking technology.

Also featuring the link of ‘Track’ mode to the anti-lock braking system – allowing skilled drivers to maintain a greater level of car handling with the comfort of ABS still being present when required.

Instant Power Access

The 2016 Vanquish includes launch control. The same technology used in our class-leading motorsport development brought for to the road. Optimum takeoff is achieved by balancing throttle, transmission, traction aids and damping to harness the full power of Vanquish even from a standing start.

Our Best
Braking System

Our revolutionary Carbon Ceramic Matrix braking technology reduces brake fade and improves heat dissipation. Improving handling and driver feel this silicon-injected carbon fibre is an incredible 12kg lighter than equivalent steel discs. The 2016 Vanquish is also now fitted with a retuned ‘Brake Booster’ - providing a stronger ‘brake bite’ at the commencement of braking.

Uniquely Developed Tyres

A cutting-edge package of power and performance – Vanquish also includes specifically developed tyres. Our engineers worked with technical partner Pirelli to develop an all-new ‘P-Zero’ tyre which works in concert with all our technical achievements. Helping to lower CO2, ‘P-Zero’ tyres also reduce understeer to improve steering and cornering speeds.

Intensively Tested

Vanquish has endured more testing than any Aston Martin ever created. More than 5,000km of high-speed durability tests in Italy. Intense handling work at Aston Martin’s custom-built Nürburgring centre. Hot weather and altitude extremes in Spain. Cold weather testing on Swedish ice fields. We created Vanquish with one goal in mind, produce the most technically advanced Aston Martin in history – our testing confirms it.