The Power of Luxury

The Fusing of Form and Function 

Assertive, confident, bold and yet perfectly proportioned, Rapide S has a purity of purpose that belies its broad capabilities. That strength of character is infused into the details that define Rapide S. Details like the assertively styled full-face aluminium grille and elongated side gills that hint at the power within.


The ‘Golden Ratio’ sits at the heart of every Aston Martin. Balanced from any angle, each exterior line of Rapide S works in concert and every proportion is precisely measured to create a lithe, pure form. Our engineering follows the same principle. A near perfect weight distribution ensures Rapide S is balanced in form and balanced in function.


It is not just the outright pace of Rapide S that makes it so imperious, but the way it is deployed. Developed to fully exploit and perfectly complement the tremendous reserves of accessible performance, the Rapide S advanced suspension and braking systems are paragons of control, power and precision.

When driving alone you will love the way the Adaptive Damping System (ADS) delivers true sports car handling, yet when comfort is a priority it effortlessly assumes the role of the consummate luxury car.

The ‘Golden Ratio’ defines the form and luxury defines the detail. A jewel-like side-strake, machined from aluminium, sculpts the side of the car, whilst each bonnet louvre is cast individually from high-density zinc. Rapide S takes our exquisite exterior detailing to new heights of finesse.



The Aston Martin grille is world-renowned, instantly recognised and instantly respected. Rapide S goes further, we designed an assertive full-face grille as a bold reimagining of our time honoured design cue. Machined by hand from aluminium, this imposing grille gives Rapide S an inimitable front profile. But we didn’t stop there, our engineers ensured that this grille doesn’t only look stunning, it’s also the largest production grille in the world to meet pedestrian protection requirements.

Stunning Waterfall
Fascia Design

Rapide S incorporates an elegant, waterfall fascia, intelligently engineered to incorporate the latest technology. This bold design statement is the perfect centre piece to a magnificent interior space and can be customised in a range of materials.

Three choices bring even greater flexibility. The engineered precision of Iridium, intricate Satin Cuprum Carbon Fibre or the lighter, more individual Piano Ice Mocha are a natural fit with the extraordinary Rapide S.


Rapide S uses more leather than any other Aston Martin in history. Thousands of unique colour combinations and a wide range of finishes make each Rapide S bespoke to its owner.

Unmatched craftsmanship.
Supreme Comfort

Aston Martin’s long history of bespoke, hand-made luxury is palpable in the fine execution of every detail inside the Rapide S. Using the finest leathers, a vast array of woods and other luxurious materials, each cabin is crafted by hand with passion and absolute precision.

For example, in an embroidered ‘AML’ logo there are over five thousand stitches applied to create the desired finish.

An interior of exceptional quality means travelling in Rapide S is to travel in pure comfort. It’s a cabin clothed in the finest materials. Swathes of Bridge of Weir leather work in harmony with wood and carbon fibre detailing to create an environment where every detail has been specifically designed for luxury.

Exclusive in design, enticing in experience, Rapide S – the power of luxury.


Q by Aston Martin is our unique personalisation service, for an Aston Martin that truly reflects you. Taking you on a journey of inspiration through the world of art, design and craft, to distant lands or favourite places, soaking up the character of objects, materials, colours, and textures - translating them all into key elements of your own car. We are only bound by the limits of imagination.

View two recent examples of Rapide S 'Q by Aston Martin' creations below.

This Rapide S is finished in a rich, lustrous xyrallic-effect burgundy paint called Divine Red.

The interior is trimmed with an Espresso-coloured leather with a metallic finish. There is also new wood veneer on the upper facia and door inserts, unique to Q by Aston Martin, that comprises a duotone soft striped veneer with a metallic pinstripe which reflects the opulent headliner, trimmed in the finest worsted wool suiting cloth featuring pinstripes of nothing platinum and 24-carat gold. The exquisite design from Scabal is woven in first-rate Super 150’s merino wool.

Featuring a classic theme, this Rapide S evokes the style and patina of historic Aston Martins with a contemporary luxury twist.

From the brilliant finish of the ceramic ball polished wheels to the subtle hues of the Hardly Green exterior paint, to the combination of Carbon-Fibre interior trim and a specially woven seat leather, the car epitomises grace and elegance. Copper thread woven into the Carbon-Fibre facia and door inserts and Rose Gold rotary controls add striking details to catch the eye and enhance the classic elegance of the interior.